Hercules Reboot Friday 11th January 2019 21:54:49

Hercules is currently being rebooted to resolve performance related issues.

The server should be online in around 15 minutes.

After the filesystem check the server refused to boot due to missing libraries which needed to be manually tracked down and reinstalled.

This issue only affected system files and all customer files and databases were unharmed and all sites are now back online. Apologies for the extended downtime this issue caused.

The server is currently performing a filesystem check.

We have successfully swapped the hardware and the raid chip is now working, an onsite technician is working on importing the foreign configuration of the drives onto the new raid chip, with no issues we should have you up and running shortly.

After several hours HostDime performed a BIOS update however this did not resolve the issue. They are currently performing a hardware swap of all components other than the SSDs. No data will be lost during this process.

The BIOS update doesn't seem to have resolved the issue unfortunately, We will be working with our team to immediately replace the hardware to resolve this.

The issue appears to be BIOS related. We're currently working on performing a BIOS update to resolve this.

The server is failing to come back online. Onsite Technicians are currently working on the issue, please bear with us.